HKAFF: When C Goes To G7 / 當C遇上G7 (2013) - Hong Kong [World Premiere]

HKAFF: When C Goes To G7 / 當C遇上G7 (2013) – Hong Kong [World Premiere]

Review by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA FIPRESCI
Review Date: 4th November 2013

Director: 簡君晉 Lawrence Kan
Starring: 陳家樂 Carlos Chan, 勞嘉怡 Yukilovey, 周永恆 Roy Chow, 陳嘉寶 Anjaylia Chan

Reviewed at 10th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2013

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You may notice already, I have a soft spot for local Hong Kong directors and the latest partly funded by government film, “When C Goes To G7” is at its core an extremely personal story. For many indie films, often lies in the filmmakers telling a far too inaccessible personal story that only they can relate towards. The beauty about “When C Goes G7” is that director Lawrence Kan avoids those mistakes and is able to balance commercial cinema with an art house presence. That is by all means, enormously difficult, but through an interesting and different premises, Kan explores numerous universal themes of dealing with love, life, work, growing up, chasing ones dream and ultimately moving on in life. In turn, the audiences are engulfed with Kan’s vision as well as the ups and downs of the character’s life.

With the kid (played by Yukilovey) at the center of attention, it is important that he is extremely likable and also thoroughly engaging. The chemistry between the trio essentially becomes the core aspect of the film. Interestingly, the director’s personal story is echoed in each ones of these characters to learn, regret and eventually change through every one of these experiences. Carlos Chan‘s tale of first love, the enduring process of romance and the everlasting regret is terrifically channeled. The audience can feel and listen to the couple ups and downs and eventually after years of struggle and growing apart. It goes back to the saying, what always happens, life. I personally haven’t liked Roy Chow as an actor so far in his short career, but here, he shows an adequate level of restrain and provides a relating performance with the audience.

All in all, “When C Goes to G7” is really nothing new, but director Kan goes a different route and explores the journey through a uniquely personal style. There are plenty of aspects that make this film a strictly independent film, dealing with small issues and emotions are hardly magnified, but there is something refreshing about this film that makes it click and eventually works. We all once have dreams and in the process of growing up, there will always be inspiring moments or people that we have met along the way. Kan smartly encapsulates that moment and emotions and in turn creates an independent film that is every bit commercial, all in good nature. At its very core, this is essentially a love story, but at the same time, like most of us, we experience different things that help us grow a little, learn a little and hopefully embrace a little. This is a simple local film and sometimes, it is precisely what the audience needs. (Neo 2013)

I rated it 8/10

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