Silent Witness 全民目擊 (2013) – China

Review by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA FIPRESCI
Review Date: 31st December 2013

Directed by: Fei Xing
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Sun Hong Lei, Yu Nan,Deng Jiajia

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This is a brilliant film that twists and turns so amazingly that results in a film where the audience is drowned with tears of unconditional love. What turned out to be a court drama thriller, turned into a simple moment of fatherly love, ultimate sacrifice and redemption. Director Fei Xing did an amazing job in rounding out the ending, despite obvious intentions to get around the usual censorship. The film is perfectly paced and seen through the eyes of all the main protagonists. This is a good piece of cinema and probably deserves more attention that its has garnered.

Aaron Kwok produced a steadfast and determined performance as the never give up lawyer, but the star of the show goes to Sun Honglei whose underlying love for his daughter provides the film with its best resonating moments. His outright reactions in the court room are almost priceless to watch. Yu Nan (recently since in Expendables 2) is also brilliant as the lawyer torn in the middle of all the troubles. While newcomer Deng Jiajia does an adequate job as the daughter accused of murder and finally understanding the meaning of loss, remorse and responsibility.

All in all, “Silent Witness” is an accomplished and matured court drama thriller, muddled within the essence of parental love, deeper emotions and twists and turns. Director Fei Xing has successfully created a film that touches the audience’s heart and expresses universal themes and messages at its core. This is a hugely underrated film and without doubt should not be missed. (Neo 2013)

I rated it 9/10

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