[DVD] I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春 (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春 (2011) – Hong Kong



If I Love Wing Chun represents the future of Hong Kong cinema, then I guess my website will be shut down within a few months. However it is just an attempt to cash in on the Ip Man created craze with Wing Chun. Unfortunately, it simply fails because it lacks a real leading comedy star. Whether it is budget constraint or whatever, casting a bunch of unknown actors, unwanted TVB stars, a former Olympic dive and getting Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Nat Chan Bak-Cheung to make up the numbers, just does not adds up. The film tries too hard to mimic and parody many of Stephen Chow’s hits and the result is reminding us how much better it was back then. Olympic Diver, Tian Liang is too wooden and robotic to be a star and likewise putting Damon Law in the shoes of Stephen Chow is just plain stupid and idiotic. In fact the Chinese to English translation of the title is totally wrong and misleading. The Chinese title is laughing at Wing Chun, whereas the English title suggests the film is about the love for Wing Chun. If they can’t even get this basic right, it is a fat chance that there is much care taken for this film and the audience for that matter.


All in all, I Love Wing Chun is not really a big disappointment, because there is really nothing you can expect. There are parts that are funny, but they are by far and in-between. It is sad that Hong Kong has fail to deliver the next Stephen Chow and for lovers of mo-lei-tau cinema, I Love Wing Chun does nothing and at best it can only remind us of the glory 90s. When the best thing about the film is a cameo by John Ching Tung who played villain with special powers against Stephen Chow in the numerous God of Gamblers series. The film totally suck and enough said…


Neo rates it 2/10