Demon 2 毒禍2 (2011) - Hong Kong

Demon 2 毒禍2 (2011) – Hong Kong



First of all, I have never heard of the movie Demon and a quick on Google indicates that it is probably most likely to be a Hollywood movie than anything. Still, no matter what, I am pretty sure it never warrants a sequel. Sometimes I wonder, do movies like these ever make any sort of money? Long story cut short, Demon 2 is a well meaning attempt to defuse the youth from taking drugs. While, the film weights in with a good common sense message about the evils of taking and selling drugs and is perfectly aided with some decent acting, Demon 2 fails because of poor filmmaking, storytelling and editing. Director Li Weiming fails to make the film interesting and in the process it feels more like a lesser TVB episode than an actual cinematic experience. Fortunately, veteran supporting actor, Liu Kai-Chi once again steals the show despite being regulated in the background. His role as the conflicted and drug affected father is both well acted and probably the most realistic character in the film. Likewise TVB’s Elena Kong puts in a credible performance and as does the fresh faced girl who plays her daughter (Renee Lee). However, that’s the end of the positives as the rest of the cast consist of relatively unknown actors and the result is extremely poor acting or non-acting on their behalf. With a wanna-be emotional finale, the film fails to connect with the audience and that’s precisely due to poor filmmaking and pacing.


All in all, Demon 2 is not a good movie; in fact, it does not feel like a movie experience no matter what direction or ways you look at it. I am not sure why an award winning actor in Liu Kai-Chi feels the need to be associated with this kind of films, but he is certainly one of the few shining lights in a rather dull looking film. Certainly a well-meaning movie, but really better suited as a TVB episode about the evil deeds of drugs and gangsters. Not recommend…



Neo rate it 3/10