Tiger Wants to Marry 老虎都要嫁 (2010) - China

Tiger Wants to Marry 老虎都要嫁 (2010) – China



Tiger Wants to Marry is an unusual Mainland Production that its actors are from Guangzhou and is filmed in Cantonese. Apparently it is also the first of its kind. The film is easily a light hearted romantic comedy in the reins of the far superior My Sassy Girl. The problem of this film is that nothing really happens and the believability factor is almost down to zero. Despite having some thoughtful quotes about love and fate – “fate is one of those impossible things that can be possible”, the film lacks imagination, creativity and feels very much like a dated Mainland romantic comedy. It is a shame as the two leads (Zhao Rong and Tan Junyin) actually manages to ooze some much needed chemistry and both are by all means likable and entirely watchable. Law Gar Ying also makes a surprise appearance as the fatherly figure and does well in a paper thin role.


Still, Tiger Wants to Marry is a disappointment, not because that is much expectation, but rather hampered by the director and production team taking short cuts. Instead of showing the relationship and how it slowly progress, the film uses music videos, flash backs and music to speed up the proceedings, the effect is simple, lowering down the believability factor. All in all, Tiger Wants to Marry have some good moments, namely whenever the two leads interact and Law Gar Ying, but some good moments do not make a good movie. It is a shame that the first ever Guangzhou production shot in Cantonese ends up like this. In essence, it is not entirely bad, but when the MV is better than the movie (see below), it is hardly worth digging out to watch…


Neo rates it 5/10