Flying Colors ビリギャル Biri Gyaru / Biri Gal (2015) - Japan

Flying Colors ビリギャル Biri Gyaru / Biri Gal (2015) – Japan

Flying Colors ビリギャル Biri Gyaru / Biri Gal (2015) – Japan

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Cast: Kasumi Arimura, Atsushi Itō, Shūhei Nomura, Yūhei Ōuchida, Kokoro Okuda, Morio Agata, Ken Yasuda, Airi Matsui, Tetsushi Tanaka, Yō Yoshida
Director: Nobuhiro Doi
Screenwriter: Hiroshi Hashimoto
Producers: Jun Nasuda, Junichi Shindō
Director of photography: Yasushi Hanamura
Editor: Junnosuke Hogaki, Sayaka Yamamoto

Distributed by: Golden Scene

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“Flying Colors” is one of those films that will invokes plenty of emotions of those who have once attempted to achieve the impossible despite the biggest of odds. Never give up is both an attitude and an innate human personality that defines our character, where when life throws “lemons” after “lemons” at you”. How we deal with the “lemons” in life provide us with important life lessons and hurtles. As a result, “Flying Colors” will appeal to a particular personality type and once they engage, it will be impossible to not emote, be inspired and leaving the cinema with teary eyes.

Director Nobuhiro Doi is extremely diligent from start to finish to focus on one ultimate goal that is for a “dead beat”, bottom “20% student” and “written off” blond-dyed haired, pretty young high schooler to achieve the impossible of getting into a top private university. Kasumi Arimura is wonderful in her pursue for this goal and her change in personality and character is both gradual and believable. Her interactions with her mum, dad and brother showed us that nothing is perfect and like life, getting into university is not just a single sided ambition, but can inspire other aspects of your life. Atsushi Itō (from the famed role of “Densha Otoko” aka “Train Man”) is sensational in his belief in Arimura and in a scene where he openly defends her in a cafe despite an onslaught of insults from her classroom teacher provides a tiny little moment to endure. The two play of each other in the most engaging fashion and forms the core for the rest of the film.

All in all, “Flying Colors” is a great film that shows what can be achieve in life, if you truly believe in yourself. As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons make orange juice” and this film perfectly encapsulate the difficulties, the hardship and the many situations where you will feel like giving up. To achieve the impossible is never easy and like life it will never be. This is a personal film as I am a strong believer in this attitude. Still, “Flying Colors” is a wonderfully paced film that is bound to inspire and that’s extremely important.

Recommended film and endorsed by HK Neo Reviews.

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