One Day (2011) - USA

One Day (2011) – USA


“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.”


This is a great example of how to make a good movie. Along the lines of Before Sunset or After Sunrise, One Day is essentially about one’s journey through life’s ups and downs and the love we encountered along the way. Anne Hathaway is once again pitch perfect and her chemistry with would-be lover Jim Sturgess is just dazzling to watch. It is one of those films where even though the two aren’t together, you feel that somehow they are just meant to be. Life is a like a big piece of puzzle and sometimes, it takes a long time before you finally realise how to finish off the puzzle. It can be that simple and also that weird at the same time. One Day gives you the sweet, the bitter, the mysterious, the delightful, the downs of one’s life journey. Directed by Lone Scherfig, the person behind the outstanding An Education, One Day uses one simple plot device of showing the same day for 15 years and in the process drives the audience to the conclusion. This is a simple gimmick that works to its maximum potential. Perhaps the only real problem is that the film lacks ambition and the originality that made An Education a much more unique and finer picture. One Day seems to rely more on the attractiveness and the greatness of the acting duo to push the film above being yet another love story. What makes the film work simply the director ability to make the audience keep wanting to know more, understand more and see more about the couple’s fate.


All in all, One Day is never a film that reaches for the stars, or the wow factor, but rather is happy enough to stay within the defined boundaries within its own plot devices and heavily reliance on the actors’ performances. That’s not to say it is entirely a bad thing, but after a great film such as An Education, one just expect that little more. Still, One Day is more than enjoyable enough experience to recommend sitting through one screening and in terms of the genre, you can certainly do a lot worst. A delightful film that capture your attention…


Neo rates it 7.5/10