Ip Man 3 葉問3 (2015) – Hong Kong

Ip Man 3 葉問3 (2015) – Hong Kong

Reviewed by: Andrew Chan

Directed by: Wilson Yip

Produced by:Raymond Wong

Written by:Edmond Wong

Starring: Donnie Yen, Zhang Jin, Lynn Hung, Patrick Tam, Karena Ng, Kent Cheng, Bryan Leung, Louis Cheung, Danny Chan, Mike Tyson

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It’s been a long time since I anticipated for any Hong Kong movie release and “Ip Man 3” delivers precisely that expectation and a bit more. Rarely do a trilogy of films, gets better with age and this one provides us with plenty of the evergreen Yuen Woo Ping inspired fight sequences one after another. The original film made Donnie Yen an iconic superstar and by the third film, he have made the role Ip Man truly his own. His screen presence, stoic persona, deep feelings buried beneath and his mentality to the true spirit of martial arts are all deeply felt. Life and death are inevitable, nor is it truly stoppable. It takes one to appreciate the moments and director Wilson Yip once again succeeds with honest human emotions this time the impending departure of Ip Man’s wife.

Donnie Yen shows exactly how one can truly be iconic and his ability to single handedly bring back the entire Hong Kong market to the local cinema and that’s something to be proud of. His fight with the notorious Mike Tyson was a joy to behold, while Zhang Jin continues his Grandmaster form to become Yen’s predecessor in an industry striving for the next martial arts superstar. However some of the film best scenes is reserved for Lynn Hung who manages to put the earlier films behind her and pulled off a restrained yet emotional display of maturity and letting go. Patrick Tam is right at home in a scene stealing villainous turn.

All in all, “Ip Man 3” is yet another blockbuster Christmas hit that will allow martial arts fans to rejoice and simply embrace. Films like these are a rarity these days and while CGI effects is evident in numerous scenes, there are enough master Yuen Woo Ping in the proceeding to make this a truly crafted and worthwhile experience. Family and the people closest to us are equally important to our own personal life mottos and goals. Martial arts is never about winning and being best, but rather a groundwork to show and pass on to the next generation and beyond of how to live and the way to live. As far as Christmas is concerned, it’s another great gift to end the year. (Neo 2015)

Recommended film and endorsed by HK Neo Reviews.

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