In The Room 無限春光27 (2015) – Singapore / Hong Kong

[] In The Room (2015) – Singapore / Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Singaporean director Eric Khoo have long been credited with reviving Singapore cinema and his latest work “In The Room” is a controversial one, but not necessary a successful one. In many ways, the portrayal of sex and culture through the decades of Singaporean history within the same hotel room 27 is really a mixed bag with some good moments mingled around a lot of question marks. It’s difficult to coherently direct a film essentially a combo of short stories and with the common link being the ghost and the room itself. The film celebrates diversity, not just in sex, but with the number of nationalities on display. Hong Kong’s Josie Ho is given a fun and sensual role as prostitute trainer, but is given limited screen time. Japanese AV veteran Show Nishino provides most of the intense and graphic sex scenes, whilst suppose to be the central of the story being of regret and longing, it fails to hit the marks. The Korean segment provides some sort of potential in both its originality and interplay of events, but once again suffers from a lack of focus on the key subject matter. All in all, this is a diverting piece of cinema that tries hard to indulge and fails to connect and convey. 


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