The Great Wall 長城 (2016) – Hollywood / China

[] The Great Wall (2016) – Hollywood / China

The latest Sino-Chinese blockbuster from acclaimed director Zhang Yimou teams up unlikely heroes in Matt Damon and Andy Lau. The result is a terrible film that contains even worse acting and translating to a horrible boredom of a film for the audience to slave through. The CGI effects of the monsters are almost unreal to the point where they look nothing like a menacing beast. Matt Damon receives a hefty pay check for the role and almost instantly become lost in translation and while there are hints of romance between Damon and the English speaking Jing Tian is almost more laughable than convincing. While Andy Lau produces his worst acting for a long time as there is zero character within him and likewise Eddie Peng is wasted in an non existent role. This is another example of just how different Hollywood and Chinese cinema remains and the two cannot merge successfully despite being hold together by China best director. It’s a shame as the epic battle scenes are actually somewhat exciting. However, the film really is a total disappointment. Avoid like the plague.


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