Mr. Coconut 合家歡 (1989) – Hong Kong

[] Mr. Coconut (1989) – Hong Kong

This is one of those films that depicts the ongoing differences in culture between Hong Kong and the Mainlanders. Whilst it is largely exaggerated to create the tempo of free flowing laughter, some universal truth remains. Master comedian Michael Hui teams up with veteran producer Raymond Wong as the two plays of each other with plenty of innate and comic chemistry. There is a lot to appreciate director Clifford Ko in this film as he simply allows Hui to showcase his scene by scene talent. Whenever, Hui is on screen his antics are essentially giving us our next laugh out loud moment. We live in an age where acceptance remains a large concern and the current divide between the territory and mother country cannot be greater. This film is simply a reflection of that cultural difference, the condemning of money minded insurance companies, rich and poor gap and the nature of workers and bosses. Sadly, all these themes remain relevant to Hong Kong today.


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