Front Page 新半斤八两 (1990) – Hong Kong

[] Front Page (1990) – Hong Kong

Try embracing the greatest comedian Hong Kong have ever produced and few will not say it is Mr. Michael Hui. His pursue of continuous improvement in his art makes him all the more unique within a difficult industry to stay relevant for so long. Front Page is an emotional reunite of the Hui Brothers after many years and ended up as one of their last combined hits. We witness an all time classic in the making through its laugh out sequences and plenty of those memorable moments. The Hui Brothers movies are like a social commentary reflecting the circumstances of their time and the history of Hong Kong society. In this film, we get to understand the media and what attracts people attention ultimately kills the journey of true journalism. The recent film The Menu undoubtedly share similar values and themes and in that we salute the Hui Brothers for always being the fore front of Hong Kong cinema and like the films of Woody Allen, they are simply timeless.


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