The Daughter (2015) – Australia

[] The Daughter (2015) – Australia

As we continue our viewing of Aussie films for the Film Critics Circle of Australia awards, we managed to come across a genuine winner in the emotionally resounding film, The Daughter. Led by the ever impeccable Geoffrey Rush as the rich mill owner, we have a terrific ensemble cast of the dependable Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, Ewen Leslie and rising talent Odessa Young as the daughter. An adaptation of the famous 1800s play – Wild Duck, director Simon Stone transcends the context to more modern country Australia and succeeds in both its execution and depicting a tragic tale. This is probably the most emotionally engaging Aussie drama I have personally felt for in years and will likely touch the coldest of hearts. Odessa Young puts in a sensational performance and clearly worthy of winning Best Actress award. The way she ponders around seems as though she is going about her day to day life and when required to put up a performance, she simply nailed it in those final 15 minutes. Sam Neill as the grandfather delivers a stellar and dependable performance, while Ewen Leslie is simply intense and charismatic. This is a film about people, the happenings, the twist, the tragedy and life. It’s about time that we get a good old Aussie film that relates and emotes with the audience. If there is one Aussie film you should see a year, watch this one!


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