Broke (2016) – Australia

[] Broke (2016) – Australia

Another Aussie film nominated for the Film Critics Circle of Australia awards is “Broke”. A film about a former rugby league star who is down and out as a bum on the street, drinking, addicted and essentially a trouble maker. One thing that works like magic is that in life we will all at one stage or another be in that kind of situation, where we feel helpless, useless, pointless and hitting rock bottom. Veteran actor Steve Le Marquand plays the role with amazing range as both vulnerable in character and at times uncontrollable rage. Marquand carries the film with his broad shoulders and showing how standing up again is never easy. Max Cullen plays the older gentleman who wants to unconditionally help the former star and provides a calm presence throughout. Claire Van Der Boom shows plenty of talent in a natural performance as the single mum, fan and love interest. All in all, “Broke” is all about the reality, harshness of life and those down and out moments we have all experience one way or another. In that, director Heath Davis succeeds, in telling a relevant Australian story.


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