Boys in the Trees (2016) – Australia

[] Boys in the Trees (2016) – Australia

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It’s the time of the year where we view films for the Film Critics Circle of Australia awards and tonight film is “Boys of the Trees”. It is a suspenseful and mysterious thriller that is essentially a coming of age film about growing up, childhood friendship, reality and fiction with a dose of Americanised Halloween in the proceeding. This is a well shot film that is a tad too long in its pacing, but ends up interesting if a little diverting at times. Toby Wallace headlines the film as the high school grad who once left his best mate behind as they grew apart during the high school years. Whilst he is given one night to rediscover their friendship and himself, the film allows us to think back to our own childhood, the time when we have own little world that we shared with some quietly special friends. Wallace does well and shows enough potential as a leading man. Gulliver McGrath plays the friend that grown up to be small and weird and manages to chew the scenery though his mysterious character. 

All in all, this is an uneven film that tries hard to stay mysterious throughout. While the resolution raises more questions than it answers, the film manages to make us reflect and think about our own moments and time. Director Nicholas Verso is one to watch for the future.


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