Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk (2016) – US / China / UK

[] Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk (2016) – US / China / UK

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And Lee eagerly awaited film after the emotional and visual success of Life of Pi takes a brand new dimension with a well told story about the aftermath of war against terror. Given its political undertones, the film never drills deep enough on real issues and rather we are left with the focus on 19 year old who became an American hero after attempting to save his comrades in a true movie moment. Played by unknown newcomer, Joe Alwyn holds the film together through his intense and emotionally torn facial and inner emotions. Lee continues his good eye for new talent and perhaps the best thing to come out of an underwhelming effort from the master Taiwanese director. Others come and go and attempts to help the proceeding including the long missed Chris Tucker as Hollywood agent, the raw and always improving Kristen Stewart, the cheer girl played by Makenzie Leigh shines as love interest and Vin Diesel is his brooding self as commander. An aged Steve Martin also appears as a Hollywood big shot producer. All in all, this is probably not the gallant follow out of Lee’s Oscar winning event that most have been hoping for. Shot at 120 frames per second, the fastest in the world and in 4K resolution, it appears Lee focused more on technical aspect than the actual story that he is so usually an expert at. Still, an average film from Ang Lee is best than most. 


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