Women 女人心 (1985) – Hong Kong

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This is the directorial debut of the acclaimed Stanley Kwan whose exploration of women begins here. Pre superstar Chow Yun Fat shows his romantic acting chops and display great chemistry with the mistress (extended cameo by the gorgeous Cherie Chung) and Cora Miao (fresh from their fated crossed pairing in Ann Hui’s Love in a Fallen City). The film shows the personal inner conflicts and jealousy, how a woman deals with fidelity issues and divorce. Cora Miao portrays the role with ease and conflicted emotions and her relaxed chemistry with Chow is easy to see. Meanwhile, Chow shows why he will become a superstar in just less than a year till A Better Tomorrow. This is by no means a perfect effort from the developing Stanley Kwan, but some of the raw hallmarks are there to be seen. Shot in mostly good light and naturalistic style rarely seen in Shaw Brothers films (other than Ann Hui at the time), the film succeeds in staying grounded and many themes remain relevant today.

I rated it 3.5/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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