The One (2001) – USA

[] The One (2001) – USA

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The One actually opened at a cool US$20 million at the US Box Office and the premises of a multiverse where Jet Li gets to battle himself in decent budgeted science fiction action film. The film greatest achievement ended up launching the action busting career of Jason Statham who will end up starring in a further 4 films with Li. However, the film failed to live up to its promise and frizzle out quite quickly, just like the actually paper thin plot line used as a device for the next action scene. That’s not necessary a bad thing, but Li with his natural ability does not require computer effects to enhance his movements. Not to mention the numerous plot holes and cheesy dialogue that Li ended up needing to voice out. Similar to Van Damme failed experiment in Timecop, this is a wasted opportunity for Li to succeed in Hollywood.
I rated it 2.5/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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