My Father is a Hero 給爸爸的信 (1994) – Hong Kong

[] My Father is a Hero 給爸爸的信 (1994) – Hong Kong

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Jet Li and Corey Yuen pairs up once again in this entertaining and even at times touching modern tale of cops and robbers with kids and family drama caught in between. My Father is a Hero simply works because, of the fanatic pacing, non stop brutal action sequences and an excellent supporting and leading cast to boot. When you have Colin Chou and Ken Lo as sidekicks and the overacting Yu RongGuang as lead villain all kicking at Jet Li in one scene, it’s pretty astonishing to imagine and watch. Li is as usual as his executive best and shines in all the numerous stunts and creative fight scenes be in with batons or ropes and perhaps the highlight of using his son played by Tse Miu as the ultimate flying weapon. Singer Anita Mui also boots a few flying kicks in the film and provides a good if limited presence as pending love interest and heroine. Blackie Ko simply steals the screen as Li’s gang buddy with his sympathetic looks. This is one of those 90s modern martial arts film that blitz by within the 100 minutes duration. It is not a classic by Jet Li’s overwhelming standard, but nonetheless a highly entertaining affair.

I rated it 4/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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