Hard Target 2 (2016) – USA

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I guess action fans all remembered Hard Target being directed by the legendary John Woo and JCVD happened to be a rising box office draw back then. That was 1993 and 23 years onwards, we get a unrelated sequel starring Scott Adkins. Anticipation is probably not the word to describe this event, but despite the low budget, the film location shots in Bangkok and Cambodia are surprisingly well used and portrayed. Adkins whose rose to fame in the highly successful Undisputed series, tries hard to make the fights realistic, but frequently disrupted by some poor editing during the numerous hand to hand combat. Being hunted like the prequel provides some sort of excitement, but the film never rise beyond that initial excitement and the ending seems more padded than effective. After viewing Undisputed 4 and this film back to back, it is easy to see why it falters in the fight scene by comparison.
I rated it 2.5/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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