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Fresh from the success of the Rocky and Rambo series, Stallone was at the height of his fame before 1990s. His 1989’s Lock Up was a critical and box office failure by all means. However, with the rest of time, the film actually managed to inspire the more recently successful Escape Plan. Stallone is suitably intense throughout and like many of his films, his character is stoic yet heroic and that’s just simply playing himself. Despite how ridiculous the plot line or situation seem to be under probably the most corrupt prison system, the film manages to be entertaining and engaging during the two hour duration. With the film shot entirely within the prison, the sense of life or lack of it, is particularly important from how the prisoners think and feel themselves. Some scenes provide a sense of thrill, namely the wild car ride, the attempted escape and the football match in the mud. All in all, Lock Up is a film that is filled with flaws and a highly ridiculous premise, but Stallone manages to suppress those expectations and delivers the dark and brutal prisoner arena.

I rated it 3/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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