The Mummy (2017) – USA

[] The Mummy (2017) – USA

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The Mummy used to be fun, entertaining and even scary, but those were the days of the now faded star Brendan Fraser. The initial news of Universal looking to launch and reboot the Dark Universe franchise with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe originally seems fascinating. However, the result is a film that is so frankly boring in the middle where only the opening 15 minutes and final quarter of an hour resemble anything of a mummy film. In fact, director Alex Kurtzman appears entirely out of his depth as he is unable to handle any scenes that require real acting, maintaining simple suspense or a fun film in itself. The crucial missing element of this film is the entirely absent of fun and Tom Cruise is no longer an interesting hero to follow, especially when his character is simply all over the place. Perhaps, the best part of the film goes to the out of place villain played by Sofia Boutella whose make up looks more like a zombie from hell than an Ancient Egyptian mummy. Not wanting to compare, but Annabelle Wallis is no Rachel Weisz and adds almost nothing to the role. Another actor who ended up embarrassing himself is Russell Crowe whose within the limited screen managed to be a total bore and absolutely disinteresting. All in all, The Mummy is a perfect example of how to destroy a well established blockbuster that a lot of people loved and enjoyed. I am not asking Brendan Fraser to make a comeback as many have already done, but at the very least it needs be a fun and entertaining. This one does not even try to be.
I rated it 2/5

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Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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