Bloodsport (1988) – USA

[] Bloodsport (1988) – USA

It’s easy to see how the raw and brutal underground fighting film in Bloodsport manages to create a star in the making for Jean Claude Van Damme. Filmed largely in Hong Kong, including the famed Kowloon walled city, there are plenty of cheap location shots and set pieces. However, you have got to admire how cheesy and B-grade everything from directing to story to acting and the best part of it is that it works. The film will later become a cult classic and rightly so. Bolo Yeung makes an outstanding villain and his rare dialogue are so cheesy that’s it is expected. His eyes are menacing and the overacting adds to his deadly character. The fight choreography is grounded and easy to watch. Seeing JCVD doing his own kicks and stunts is a joy to endure. Donald Gibb as his sidekick provides the laughter, while Leah Ayres as the reporter and love interest manages to be the eye candy. Roy Chiao impresses as the Kung fu master that trained JCVD like a son and a young Forest Whitaker runs around the city like a mad cop and looking like being in an entirely different film. All in all, Bloodsport is really the kind of film that deep down all martial arts and JCVD fans will accept as a piece a cheesy gem. There is no denying that JCVD used to kick some serious ass!
I rated it 3.5/5

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