Deep Impact (1998) – USA

[] Deep Impact (1998) – USA

Disaster epic films are particularly easy to fail. It usually focus on too many insignificant characters for us to care for and the magnitude of the disaster will undoubtedly overshadow most details and plot lines. Deep Impact is no exception to the rule, one moment we have Morgan Freeman as president of USA addressing the public the pending end of the world comet collusion, the next shot we see two families sitting on a couch watching TV and then the NASA spaceship mission to bomb out the comet. It doesn’t stop there, can get extra focus on the green but persistent TV reporter played by Tea Leoni and in another scene we get the side story of Leoni and her estranged father relationship. Remember the reason why Titanic worked so well on an emotional level is the fact that they focused on very few characters that we actually feel and care for.
When the space mission ended up losing an early causality, we feel nothing as the death felt like someone we hear from a news report. Still, director Mimi Leder does well in terms of bringing together all these elements and somehow pulled off the disaster effects quite well. The devastation is definitely there as the tidal wave washes through the crowded cities of New York and Washington DC to name a few. There are some other pros, namely Morgan Freeman who looked and acted like exactly how a crisis situation should be managed, imagine the current president Trump announcing the same message, there will be far more panic. All in all, Deep Impact is a fun disaster epic for what it is worth, but remains largely forgettable.
I rated it 3/5

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