Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - USA

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – USA

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The latest reboot of Spider-Man is a good one and surprisingly light hearted in tone and speed. Setting the film in high school arena and with Peter Parker during his 15 years old experience and Tom Holland is perfect for the role as the impatient and not so professional friendly neighbour superhero. What we managed to get is a highly entertaining film that never take itself too seriously and translating to an extremely fun ride. There are some standout sequences, namely the ATM robbery, the falling of the lift at Washington DC and the cutting of the ferry in half.
Michael Keaton plays the key villain and being a former Batman, the casting add an extra layer of superhero fun. Keaton shows great presence as the father of Parker’s love interest as well as the disgruntled employee turned super killer weapon developer. There is next to no doubt that head to head, our Spidery hero is no match for him. Robert Downey Jr appears in an extended cameo as the mentor, while Marisa Tomei plays the aunt, while still looking stunning at the ripe old age of 52. Zendaya playing the high school love interest is rather lacking as the duo display zero on screen chemistry despite being real life couples. Jacob Batalon simply made the most his scenes as Parker’s best buddies and partner in crime and they are mostly funny and charming.

All in all, this latest Spider-Man adventure is an immensely fun ride from start to finish and coupled with great performance from our neighbourhood hero in Tom Holland. Wait for the mid end-credit special clip, but don’t bother with the final clip after the credits. It’s been a great summer of superhero films with Wonder Woman and now this one, bring on the sequel.

I rated it 4/5

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