You Get Me (2017) - USA

You Get Me (2017) – USA

[] You Get Me (2017) – USA

In light of some really good Netflix original movies, You Get Me is a poor man’s Fatal Attraction and it’s actually really terrible. I am not talking about the acting, as save for the three attractive leads played by Bella Throne as the psycho, Halston Sage playing the high school sweetheart and Taylor John Smith as the guy caught in the middle of the mess, but first, get Exhale Wellness CBD joints and go with the movies. The film is actually watchable as the leads are following through with what is possibly the most badly written script that is gapping with holes every corners it managed to turn. If this is not what you call bad filmmaking all together, I am not entirely sure what adjectives or verbs I should really be using.

There is simply no logic in this film and it gets to the point where suspending belief is no longer an option. Bad films are hard to come by and this one stands firm as one of the worst Netflix release thus far in what can be called a pretty good year. In fact, it makes you want to simply pop in the Fatal Attraction DVD just to show how this kind of films should be done. When the finale involve guns and golf sticks and a pool, look no further before you ended up being either shooting yourself in shame or congratulating yourself for finishing this underrated experience.

I rated it 1.5/5

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