[DVD] The Detective 2 / B+侦探 (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] The Detective 2 / B+侦探 (2011) – Hong Kong


Some films just do not warrant a sequel and Aaron Kwok’s 2007’s The Detective certainly did not ask for one. Still, here we are with the follow up. The problem with this film is that it tries far too hard to be mysterious, but the premises and the crimes itself, is not interesting enough for a sustained retention. Discounting these negative as usual any film directed by Oxide Pang means impressive visuals. The good news is that good performances from Aaron Kwok, Liu Kai-chi and the much missed Patrick Tam, tend to save the film. For a film in the detective genre, it is different. While different doesn’t equate quality, this film isn’t exactly bad either. However, I am not looking forward for The Detective 3 though…

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Neo rates it 6/10.

Directed by Oxide Pang Chun.
Cast: Aaron Kwok, Liu Kai-chi, Patrick Tam, Cheung Siu-fai, Gong Beibi