[CFF] Q&A session with Pick the Youth director Tapu Chen and actress Gao Man-hua

[CFF] Q&A session with Pick the Youth director Tapu Chen and actress Gao Man-hua


After the Pick the Youth screening, director Tapu Chen (陳大璞) and actress Gao Man-hua (高曼華) expressed some light into the film, the personal nature and the acting experience.


Q: Is this a personal film?
Tapu Chen (陳大璞): When I was born, my father is already 47 years old and therefore my relationship with him is more like a grandfather and grandson. The reason for me to shoot this film, is because I got a baby in 2004 and it make me want to know more about my relationship with my own father.


Q: If you are facing with this kind question, as a father, will you let you son make the decision?
Tapu Chen (陳大璞): In eastern culture, especially for father and son, you might seem very open, but in reality, you have already put pressure on your son to make a decision that you want. So in essence, your son is not really making his own decision.


Q: After your son grow up (who is now 7 years old) are you going to watch the film with your son?
Tapu Chen (陳大璞): My son watch this film with my two times. The first time he said “wow it is a great movie”, but the second time, I was busy with my work, so he watched it by himself and he ask me: “After you shot this film, do you still got money?” I told him that not really, I spend all my money on this film. So my son told to if I have any money, can you spend the money shooting Star Wars.


Q: Why do you use music as the process in the whole film?
Tapu Chen (陳大璞): As you know classical music and rock music is quite different. By using music throughout the whole film will allow the audience to feel the emotions of the director. If we can’t touch the audience with the inexperienced actors, we can use music to touch the audience.


Q: In the movie – you are a music player, in real life do you play music?
Gao Man-hua (高曼華): Actually I have a music group in real life, but I have never shot a movie before, so I cannot really get into character very well as it is very different to myself. Therefore the director really need to help me into the role.

After the interview, I went up and had a short chat with 高曼華, she was very welcoming and sweet. I told her that I gave the movie a 8.5/10 and she was very appreciative. She also told me that she was 20 at the time of shooting and had to act several years under her age. It was difficult to convince, therefore, she had to cut her hair shorter to look younger. Looking at the film and now, she is definitely much pretty in person. Before she left, I gave her my card and she promised she will visit it and send her regards.

All in all, a wonderful night.

Note: director Tapu Chen won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival.