Romancing In Thin Air 高海拔之恋II (2012) - Hong Kong

Romancing In Thin Air 高海拔之恋II (2012) – Hong Kong


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“He waited and survived for 7 years. He was only 500 metres away from getting out, before he died…”


Johnnie To is back in form and it is only fitting that he does it with the much awaited reunion with Sammi Cheng. I always have a soft spot for films that touches me and makes my eyes watery. There is no denying that Romancing in Thin Air follows the reins of many other tear jerkers. In fact, my friend ended up crying non-stop for a good half hour end to the movie. In that sense, despite being a tact cliché, To manages to strike a chord with the audience and in many ways that is something worthy of cheering about. In a day and age, where many film makers forgotten the need to relate and connect with the audience, this film does exactly that. Sure, there is nothing truly original about this film, but To aims for the targeted audience of hopeless romantic and pretty delivers all the goods required.


Sammi Cheng puts in the best performance of the film and easily once again gracing the screen with her stunning screen presence. Cheng has matured from her Needing You days and is now a veteran in her own rights. The former box office queen is charming, extremely likable and handles the emotional sequences and demands of her role to almost perfection. Cheng should be given credit for much of the film ability to connect to the audience and without doubt, this is clearly one of the best all-round performances of 2012. Destined for another best actress crown? Why not, should be the answer? On the other hand, Louis Koo continues to labour through another role, without truly standing out. It is a shame that Koo never explores his true range of emotions and fully utilise his acting ability. Despite toning down his overacting in this role, Koo is at best, just a safe choice and nothing more.


All in all, Romancing In Thin Air is most probably the Notebook movie of the year for the Hong Kong audience. Cutting off the slightly too manufactured finale, the film is certainly beautiful to look at, both visually stunning and with polish production values. In many ways, this film is a perfect date movie. It’s been a long time running, since a Hong Kong production attempts to connect with the audience via emotions and the resulting tears jerker effect. Still, Romancing In Thin Air cater for the needs of its intended target audience, if you don’t like these sort of flicks, it is unlikely to win over you, but for all those hopeless romantic out there, Johnnie To have done you all a flavour. A sure win crowd pleasing emotional affair…


Neo rates it 8/10