Turning Point 2 / Laughing Gor之潛罪犯 (2011) - Hong Kong

Turning Point 2 / Laughing Gor之潛罪犯 (2011) – Hong Kong


“Every Revolution in history, begins with a crime…”


Although, Michael Tse impressed as Laughing Gor in the TVB series, I have never been impressed by Tse’s performances in the Turning Point movie series. Not only, does he display his trademark Laughing Gor’s persona, or maybe Herman Yau just didn’t allow him to do so. In the last film, Francis Ng and Anthony Wong stole the show and likewise, Ng carries the film firmly on his shoulders and unfortunately in this case, on his own. There is no question that this film is extremely well-meaning and even to the point of overwhelming with irrelevant political agendas. There are some fun to be had, along the ride, but those fun are far and in-between.


Ignoring this factor, there are some mixed performances, a much improved Janice Man, Francis Ng in his Infernal Affairs 2 mode and Chapman To does well in a short cameo. However, Tse is weak and constantly overshadowed by the far more versatile Ng, Kate Tsui overacts ridiculously in a career suicidal performance, while improving Bosco Wong does nothing to add to the proceeding. Both Tsui and Wong are promising TVB actress and actor, but this film, they are crucial misused, underused and quite frankly uninteresting.


All in all, Turning Point 2 does not feel like an entertaining film nor a necessary follow up on the TVB series. It is disappointing, that Tse’s character is no longer ironic and can be played virtually by any other actors. Why director Herman Yau decided to make this film like preaching a life lesson, I do not know, but all I can say is that, when you have nothing good to say, sometimes, it better to shut up and let the actors do the acting. Imagine how much more fun, it would have been if Tse was allowed to laugh his way to being the famed Laughing Gor, Francis Ng allowed to act rather than talk, Kate Tsui to make use of her restrained emotions, rather than overacting and not just using Bosco as a flash back. All these aspect can be improved, if the director and writers do not have such a political agenda. It is a shame when a TVB series can be more interesting and restrained than the actual movie, but if they are ever to make a Turning Point 3, the above suggestions will probably make a better movie. Then again, what am I to say, maybe one of the financial backers have something to say about life, or perhaps, Herman Yau just doesn’t like Laughing Gor. A decent flick that could have been something better…



Neo rates it 6/10