Love 愛 (2012) - Taiwan / China

Love 愛 (2012) – Taiwan / China


Review by: Andrew Chan (Neo) FCCA

“For every jerk, there lies a broken heart inside…”


Taiwanese cinema has proved to be the next Asian movie powerhouse. “Love” (2012) is a feel good romantic comedy about what else, but love. Headed by International star Shu Qi and Mainland superstar Zhao Wei, both carries the film broadly on their shoulders. However it is the love stories that make the movie a romantic affair. What makes “Love” a good movie is the fact that it doesn’t go overboard in the overtly romantic notion. It tries to deal with some real issues yet at the same time providing a true Hollywood experience. Along the reins of “Love Actually” and countless Hollywood style Valentines’ day events, “Love” is a good movie and works well within its defined boundaries without being truly special.


Shu Qi being the biggest drawer of International audience is able to create a likable and realistic character despite being mostly materialistic. Although her resulting relationship with Ethan Ruan is quite laughable, she is able to convince the audience in the scene where she packs her clothes and decides to leave. Likewise, Zhao Wei excites the audience and her dance tease is quite a treat. Eddie Pang does well and Ivy Chen shows good potential in a difficult role, while fellow Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo is thoroughly cute and endearing.


All in all, “Love” is not really the type of movie that inspires or deflect from genre conventions, but there is an undeniably good feel about it that makes it impossible to dislike. With good production values, decent semi realistic love stories and attractive actresses to boot, “Love” will not win any awards, but for a day called Valentine, it could be far worst. A good film for what it is worth…(Neo 2012)

Neo rates it 7/10