Safe House (2012) - USA

Safe House (2012) – USA


Matt Weston: How am I supposed to get more experience by staring at four walls all day?


Safe House is the kind of film that could have been great and ended up being just good. It is a shame as for a good three quarters of the film; it simply oozes with sublime confidence. However, it fails big time in the finale and resulting in a film of unfulfilled potential. With the likes of veteran Denzel Washington and the uprising Ryan Reynolds, one would expect better. Still for the majority of the film, it works and it may seem half baked, some credit should still be due.


Denzel Washington does well without being stunning, but it is Ryan Reynolds that handles the difficult role well enough to carry the film. Years ago nobody fancy the guy of romantic comedy range to do anything substantial. In this film, Reynolds is able to balance subtlety required of his role to compensate the tension surrounding the situation.


All in all, Safe House is a good movie, but it plays far too safe, far too predictable and far too cliché to be anything beyond its worth. It is a real shame as the filmmaker tried so hard to create a premise that could well have finished with a big bang. Unfortunately that is not to be, but sometimes like life we just cannot finish what we started. Therefore, we should appreciate a good 75% of this flick and forget the rest. Yet another film which shows the notion of what could’ve been…


Neo rates it 7.5/10