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Wu xia 武侠 (2011) – China/Hong Kong


Donnie Yen and director Peter Chan have both done better things. When the main villain that killed off by a random lightning strike, you know that the movie is heading the wrong direction. Wuxia is not a complete waste of time, but passable entertainment at best. As for Peter Chan, we just expected more…

stills wu xia 1

Neo rates it 6/10.

Director: Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Cast: Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tang Wei, Jimmy Wang Yu

HK Neo Review – Redux – 8th Year Edition – Blog

With my designer working overtime to come up with a new blog style format. In the mean time. HK Neo Reviews will be updated in this temporary blog setting.

My reviews will now be quicktakes rather than the long windy reviews in the past.

It will be a busy next month as well as I will be attending the Japanese Film Festival in Sydney.

Stay tune to a string of updates and happy reviewing!

Enjoy guys!