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After 10 years since, the HK release of Jet Li's Fist of Legend, the movie that inspired this site, the movie that got the webmaster, that is I, to HK cinema, the movie that the webmaster became a fan of Jet Li and ultimately the movie that changed the way I am living life - simply one key aspect - this site. Don't get me wrong here, this is not a movie where you will learn some kind of profound life lesson, but then again even the best of movie does not mean that you will learn a lesson about life, as life isn't like that. After watching Fist of Legend in 1998, I just loved it, as you have heard about me blah along and about how I rate a film that I love and how I actually clap at the end, in Love Battlefield, well this was the first time that happen. Before this film, I don't really like movies, but after this, for better or for worst - movies has become however small it may be, a part of my life. Well, I guess you knew already, and I am pretty sure, but don't worry I am just making sure! Yup, this is the webmaster's favourite film and after viewing it again very recently, the fight scenes are just the best out of HK and when you are comparing the heights of HK cinema in 90s, that's saying a lot - in fact a hell of a lot.

Since this is a movie that most of you that is reading now, actually I mean that are, not is, well excuse my slightly bad grammar as it has been a while since my last review. Those of you that read my index page or the forum would know that it was not because I don't wanna review movies any more, but the fact that I almost gone out of new movies that I can access to review which coincide with my very busy couple of weeks. As I promise, and here it is, the random review that I will pop in when I have time. Okay, let's not get carry away with my own bullshit as who would wanna him me blah blah blah along this and this. Well, as I was saying a few minutes ago, this movie is one that probably most HK cinema fans has viewed (yes and if you haven't watch it now, or else, don't bother calling yourself HK cinema fans) - don't worry I am just joking, but you dunno what you are missing. The plot as you all should know is about a Chinese guy in Japan and got this Japanese girlfriend and yes she is cute and yes she is Japanese and no it is not a porno - but the very opposite. His master dies and he takes revenge. Yes the plot is simple, but the real thing that works is the martial action here and it links well with the movie action too, not like those cheesy Jet Li's Hollywood flicks which use martial arts for no reason either than potential coolness - so that audience will go - Wow----- or that's Cool or Wah......................... but that's Chinese though.

As you can see from my expression that I love the movie, hey wait aren't I supposed to be a movie critic, not some guy writing about my life, well sorry then, if you people wanna know what influenced me to write this way: well I will tell ya now! It is because I am very much influenced by Postmodernism and for those of you who don't know what it means (well I think you all do cos I know ya are very smart) it is all about questioning of the wilder truth and that there is no certainty in this world. Yeah it is confusing, and it did take me a while to get it myself. Okay let's not get off track, haha that sounds like a movie starring Jacky Cheung, okay let's stop my sad jokes and get back to Fist of Legend. It is a movie that I have watched probably 5 or 6 times, can't remember and you know what, I still love it! The acting is not by any means great but what I feel to be very suited to Jet Li's style, very similar to the way he looks in Lethal Weapon 4, yeah he was the only good thing in that one, and as subtle as he was in Hero - another movie that I loved. His fighting is fast and furious, and the action direction from the master - Yuen Woo Ping is pitch perfect and may I say a huge par above Matrix and as much as I liked Iron Monkey for its great action of Donnie Yen, this is the movie that Yuen is really the master. After working very well with Jet Li's Tai Chi Master - another movie I liked (wait you must be thinking that I love every movie of Li, well you are wrong - I didn't like The Master, Dr. Wai, OUATIC 3, The One, Romeo Must Die). Yuen Woo Ping is the best of the best, although Corey Yuen is great, in my personal opinion, when Ping working with the right actors really gets it right. The notable fight scene include Jet vs his 'brother', Jap girl's uncle, and the classic final fight against 6 feet or more - Billy Chow. When I watched it in 1998, I was blown away by the final fight, which got to be one of the all time greats.

Overall, Fist of Legend, is not a flawless movie and there are areas that can still improve in terms of the plot and the romance, but that is only obvious because of repeated viewings, and that is frequent repeated viewings. However as I say in Love Battlefield, a movie does not have to be perfect for 10/10, it is the movie that I loved and that feeling of 'love is blind' as I would say applies, a movie can be totally perfect but that does not make it a 10/10, it is the feeling that ultimately counts. So do I recommend this movie, well what am I saying, recommend? No way, I love it too much to share it.

I rate it 10/10

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Product Title : Fist of Legend
Artist Name(s) : Jet Li| Ada Choi | Shinobu Nakayama| Siu-hou Chin |
Language : Mandarin|Cantonese
Duration : 108 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - August 2004