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Sammo Hung stars as Lam Sai Wing, the mischievous student of Wong Fei Hung (Gwaan Dak Hing). His eagerness to help others often lands himself in some precarious situations. He mistakenly befriends the only son of Master Go, Go Daai Hoi (Fung Hak On) from the Five Dragons School who then frames him for the murder of his god sister since Wing rescued his brother, Sai Gwong’s wife from Daai Hoi. Master Go (Lee Hoi Sang) upon hearing of his Goddaughter and his only son’s death seeks out Wing for revenge.

Fan Mei Sheng plays a similar character to Simon Yuen Siu Tin’s Drunken Boxing master from the Drunken Master. He teaches Lam Sai Wing the more complex stances of the Hung Gar Kung Fu style and gives his own comic relief in the scene where he catches a chicken.

Fung Hak On who often plays villainous roles stars as Go Daai Hoi, the prodigal son of Master Go. His character is very nasty in that he kidnaps and murders Sai Wing’s sister in law, kills both Sai Gwong as well as his Godsister, Laan Sam. He is very convincing as the manipulative son of Master Go.

Lee Hoi Sang’s Master Go is a master of the Five Elements Fist style. He will do anything to defend the name of his Five Dragons School - such as the case when one of his associates lies about Lam Sai Wing badmouthing the school’s reputation. He confronts Wong Fei Hung’s school demanding that Sai Wing apologise and fights Wong Fei Hung (Kwan Tak Hing).

Yuen Biao plays Gwai Geuk Chat and Wei Pai plays Leung Foon, both students of Wong Fei Hung who end up fighting Master Go’s assassins / henchman played by Lam Ching Ying, Chung Fat and other members of Sammo Hung’s stunt team.

The film’s intricate martial arts training sequences and fights, where choreographed by Sammo Hung and Yuen Woo Ping. From the training sequences in Hung Gar to the finale between Sai Wing and Master Go, the Magnificent Butcher showcases some of the best comedic action from the 1980’s. A must see for fans of traditional kung fu.

I rate it 8.5/10

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Genre: Action / Kung Fu / Comedy
Director: YUEN Woo Ping
Cast: Sammo HUNG Gam Bo, LEE Hoi Sang, FUNG Hak On, LAM Ching (Jing) Ying, YUEN Biao (Biu),
WEI Pai (WAI Baak), CHUNG Fat (JUNG Faat), FAN Mei Sheng (FAAN Mui Sang), KWAN Tak Hing (GWAAN Dak Hing).
Reviewed by Bart (Jerome), September 2006