SEX AND ZEN 2 (1996-HK)
review by Neo

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One of the best Cat 3 movies around!
I have really never seen a Cat 3 movie with a story and that the sex in it not only enhance the story but the story can not work without it. Surely Samara tired that, but it was boring whenever Christy Chung wasn't on screen, Japanese AV movies have no story whatsoever and never before have I seen good acting in such a movie. Perhaps Sex and Zen 2 is the exception, seriously I am not an expert in reviewing Cat 3 movies that's because I haven't seen much and it is not my favourite genre by all means, in fact this is the first Cat 3 movie reviewed by me in the long (short) history of this site. I have always heard of this movie and seen it many times at my local video store, but never once did I even borrow it. Maybe I was too young at that time, but maybe it is the fact that I feel how can a Cat 3 movie be good? Well, I was wrong as this movie with the double combination of Shu Qi at her hottest and the beautiful as ever - Loletta Lee proved Neo wrong once again.

There are actress that you see them and never think that they will ever make a Cat 3 movie and surely Loletta Lee with her teenager and innocent face surprise me as much as shines out even more electrically than Shu Qi. That's not to say that Shu Qi is not good at all, but putting her alongside Loletta Lee - as personal taste are concerned I would choose Loletta Lee anytime.

The story is kind of hard and pointless to explain, as in the very end despite the story who the hell watches this for a story, so let's just say the story is a good bonus for the spectacle, The sex in the movie is more daring than any other HK movie I have seen and starring big names, it is a kind of movie that Hong Kong will not make anymore and to say that it is rather sad at the same time.

On reading this, you might think that Neo is just a "horny bastard", well I really am not, and as I say before I don't watch much of this kind of movies, but to my honest opinion, and rating this movie just like any other, I must say that this is a great fun and entertaining movie that never seems to bore the audience for a single minute. While it is a Cat 3, don't be turn off by it (as if you will be), and if you haven't seen it yet (as if you haven't if you are a male), really do yourself a favour and watch this damn good movie.

I rate it 9/10

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Artist Name(s) : Shu Qi | Loletta Lee | Ben Ng
Release Date : December 18, 2003
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitle : English , Traditional Chinese
Rating : III
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), February 2005