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Stephen Chow is damn annoying!!!
Stephen Chow is a superstar who rarely misstep during the 90s and just when I thought he could not make a wrong step, I realize I was very wrong. Although people have said dislike for some of his less well received movies like Mad Monk – also starring the damn hot at the time - Maggie Cheung and the Leon parody in Out of the Dark, Neo watched both and liked them just like most Stephen Chow movies in the 90s. However, when it comes to Sixty Million Dollar Man, he can find no saving grace, except for Gigi Leung’s pretty face in the 2nd half. Guess what, he is annoying. No I am not talking about Nick Cheung or Wong Jing, but Stephen Chow – King of Comedy or King of likable characters is damn right or outright annoying to the max! Then hearing that this is co-directed by Chow along with Yip, Neo have decided to call it an end to this review, as Stephen Chow really let him down. However, sometimes saying something is crap or downright stupid requires a reason and I do think that Chow deserves a few more lines (or a few more minutes of my precious time) to express why the hell do I think this is crap.

Clearly those that know me since this site operated, Neo is not someone that is easily influenced by other people’s opinions, as if I like something, I won’t say it is crap, even if everyone says so. But this time I must agree with all those fellow reviewers that have reviewed this movie about me and say that it is crap and annoying, because it really is! Maybe I am just disappointed in Stephen Chow, or maybe it is because the last movie I watched was John Woo’s The Killer. Ah… now you see why I dislike this movie. Sorry, you are wrong, because I went into this movie with ultra low expectations, hoping I will enjoy it even as a mindless entertain, but the jokes are so humorless and disrespectful to elders that Neo simply find it frustrating and unacceptable. The way Chow treats his “fathers” in the first half is just plain disrespect, and the sudden redeeming father and son love just cannot change my opinion of what happened before.

Basically, if you like Stephen Chow like I do, don’t even try out this flick, not because I simply don’t like it, and the jokes are just plain sad, but the fact that the unbelievable happened – Stephen Chow is damn right – ANNOYING. Take that, so basically don’t even bother looking for the “Remastered Edition” as I did, as you will regret buying it, and more often than not - you might end up being a critic of Stephen Chow.

I rate it 4/10

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Genre: Annoying Comedy/Action
Director: Yip Wai Man
Cast: Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat, Gigi Leung, Wong Yat Fei, Paulyn Sun, Elvis Tsui
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), June 2005