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Annoying piece of crap!
There are movies that really define Wong Jing as a good commercial director (God of Gamblers series) and there are movies (like this one) that show Wong Jing as the “crappest” director in HK. Saint of Gamblers a follow up of the excellent movie that launched Stephen Chow’s career – All for the Winner, is a total unnecessary sequel that make next to no sense and coming in without Chow. Coming in as a replacement is: Eric Kot, who is by no means a bad actor - as he did credible jobs in Butterfly and A1: Headline, but here, he hits all time low and perhaps his most annoying performance yet. Perhaps it is not his fault but Wong Jing, as who in the right mind to make such a mess of a great genre. The premise is okay, but when 9/10 of the jokes are not only not laughable, but absolute annoyance – you know you have stepped into a piece of shit. Perhaps the only thing that kind of save this flick is Donnie Yen’s brilliance action sequence and the presence of the ever lovable – and much missed - Chingmy Yau and the pretty yet damn sexy – Diane Pang.

The movie goes like this: Eric Kot Man Fai! When Uncle Tat (the returning Richard Ng Man Tat) senses the need for a new Saint of Gamblers, his search leads him to God Bless You (Eric Kot), a wacky, super-powered Mainlander whose unrefined ways make him out-of-place in Hong Kong - and an absolute terror to the gambling world! With the World Gambling Contest approaching, the various players prepare for the competition. But can anything prepare anyone for God Bless You?

Yes, the saint of gambler is called God Bless you. This movie is crap and believe me, it is so annoyingly crap that it nearly made me turn off the TV screen. If not for the hot actress and Donnie Yen’s cool action scenes, this movie would have been a total stinker that should never have left the toilet. Yes, this is Wong Jing at his worst and yes I have seen worst movies, but to destroy a franchise name like that is just absolutely disgusting. All in all, this is crap and god blesses you if you want to check this out…

I rate it 3/10

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Genre: Annoying Comedy
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Ng Man Tat, Eric Kot, Diane Pang, Chingmy Yau, Donnie Yen
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), August 2005