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Probably the funnies film about security…
There is something about Michael Hui’s movies that make him so special and while he is un-doubly a comic genius, it is his ability to create timeless flick that have made him a legend. His movies are always great fun and entertainment to endure and nothing is surely better than seeing the Hui brothers working together and resulting in three times the fun. Security Unlimited is certainly funny and like most other Michael Hui’s films, it is pretty much interchangeable, but still it manages to hit almost all the right comic buttons. Sometimes you wonder why the three brothers can look and act so different – Sam the good-looking singer, Michael with the natural comic timing and Ricky, well let’s not be slack. Nonetheless, like most other Hui’s production, it is largely enjoyable, filled with laughter and yet still commenting about society.

There are some memorable sequences, especially the scene where Ricky cooks a lizard, Michael pretending to be a crook in the department store and who can forget the funny parachute jump. In terms of performances, it is needless to comment as Michael Hui is as likable as ever and his antics are also as comical as it is timeless. His blend of physical comedy is just fascinating to watch and experience. Neo being a big fan of Hui’s film is without doubt a bias voice, but who can deny the fact that Hui is so funny. One of the better aspects of this flick is once again the chemistry of the triumvirate. The way they interact is so natural that it is so easy to buy and even if this flick isn’t as good as classics like Frontpage, Private Eyes and Chicken and Duck Talk, it is still so easily likable. Likewise, Sam is as cool and canny as ever and Ricky plays the unlikely role of a somewhat romantic lucky guy with a certain flair, which only he can portray.

All in all, Security Unlimited is yet another Hui’s film that is so enjoyable to endure. Every now and then, Neo would dig out his collection of Hui’s films and one thing that makes it so enjoyable is the fact that the comedy is timeless and so damn re-watch-able. It is certainly a fan’s dream come true, after hearing that Hui is currently in the process of directing and starring in a new film and even the though of that is making me drool already. Certainly this flick isn’t as deep as Chicken and Duck Talk or as original as Private Eyes and to be perfectly honest, there isn’t really much plot but nonetheless, it is probably as funny as a movie about security will get…

I rate it 8.75/10

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Starring: Michael Hui, Samuel Hui, Ricky Hui
Directed by: Michael Hui
Genre: Comedy

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