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Cantonese: Mang Lung Gwo Gong
Literal meaning: The Brave Dragon Crosses the River

Bruce Lee... the legend....
The story goes like this Tong Lung (Bruce Lee) is sent to Italy to aid his uncle's friend Miss Chen (Nora Miao) with her restaurant. The problem is a bunch of mafia crooks want the land that the Chinese restaurant occupies. When Tong Lung arrives the other workers doubt his martial arts abilities, while having learnt that the other workers have been practicing Karate. To convince them of his unique abilities, he shows them what kung fu is all about. On several occasions when the mafia goons attempt to ruin the business, Tong Lung confronts them and having felt the force of his kung fu, retreat. Until, a plot devised by the mafia's Chinese henchmen (Wei Ping Ao) to bring skilled Karate champions (Hwang In Sik, Bob Baker and Chuck Norris) to face off with Tong Lung, will he discover a traitor and aid his uncle's friend.

The film is one of Lee's finest, where he was director, editor, actor and action director. His previous two films Fist of Fury and The Big Boss broke box office records all over Asia, and to no surprise Bruce broke the records again with his directorial debut in Way of The Dragon.
Having Karate champions Bob Wall and Chuck Norris and Hapkido master, Hwang In Sik in the film was a clear sign that he wanted to target the world wide audience, not just his native Hong Kong and south east Asia.

Tong Lung is basically a country bumpkin from Hong Kong with no knowledge of English. This is where most of the comedic elements that are showcased. Such scenes are when Tong Lung tries to communicate to a waitress in an Italian restaurant attempting to get an egg dish but instead getting various soups, accidentally picking up a local Italian chick and then him being shocked by her disrobing and the scenes where he asks where the toilet is.

The fights from this film that stand out include the double nunchaku sequence, the duel with Chuck Norris in the coliseum, the confrontation at the mob bosses office.

I rate it 8.5/10.

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Genre: Martial Arts
Director: Bruce Lee
Cast: Cast: Bruce Lee, Whang In Sik, Bob Wall, Chuck Norris, Nora Miao, Tony Lau, Wei Ping Ao, Li Qun.
Reviewed by Jerome (Bart), October 2006