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A perfect companion to the Prodigal Son…
The Cantonese title "Jaan Sin Saang Yu Jaau Chin Wah " translates as Mr Jaan and moneychanger Wah. Historically, they were both practitioners of Wing Chun kung fu. Moneychanger Wah / Chan Wah Shun was Leung Jaan's student. All current lineages of Wing Chun descended from Leung Jaan's students.

The story is based on that of real life kung fu master Leung Jaan and his student Chan Wah Shun. Warriors Two details Leung Jaan as an elder master who also practiced medicine whilst in the Prodigal Son (1983) he was a younger person who had learnt Wing Chun from Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tai.

The plot goes like this: Chan Wah Shun (Casanova Wong) works at Mok's (Fung Hak On) bank. One night he overhears boss Mok talking with his associates about a scheme to rid Fat Saan of the current mayor so he can run it. Discovering the scheme, he wishes to see the mayor and tell him of this. Unable to do so, he tells the mayor's corrupt assistant (Dean Shek) and as a result is forced to fight his way against Mok's horde of henchmen. Barely escaping from death, he is rescued by Fei Chun (Sammo Hung) and brought to Leung Jaan (Leung Gar Yan) for treatment.

With the knowledge of moneychanger Wah knows of this, Mok sends his henchmen to kill the mayor and his bodyguard (Lau Gar Wing) and then kills Wah's mother. When Fei Chun, hears of this he is reluctant to tell Wah. Upset and seeking revenge, he seeks tuition from Leung Jaan. At first he is reluctant, but after some clever and lousy trickery by Fei Chun in teaching Wah the basics of wing chun; he finally accepts him as a student.

After a series of misunderstandings, Mok sends his henchmen to eliminate Leung Jaan and the rest of his students. When news reaches them of his death, they fight until only three of them are left standing. Wah, Chun and Master Leung's niece escape swearing vengeance against Mok.

Warriors Two is one of the first films to use authentic Wing Chun on film. Cham Kiu (seeking the bridge), Siu Nim Tau (little ideas), Biu Jee (Darting fingers), Luk Dim Boon Gwan Faat (Six and half point pole fighting), Chi Sau (sticking hands), Muk Yan Jong (wooden dummy) and Baat Jaam Do Faat (Eight slashing knives) were all demonstrated and used effectively.

Sammo choreographed the films action sequences very well incorporating much of his Peking opera training and off beat slapstick comedy into various scenes. Sammo hired Wing Chun master, Guy Lai to teach the entire cast Wing Chun and assist in choreography.

Leung Gar Yan is impressive as Leung Jaan. Although he had no background in kung fu, he was able to imitate and learn the movements with precision. Having also worked at Shaw Brothers, he was able to learn Hung Gar kung fu from Lau Gar Leung and as such he picked up Wing Chun when this film came about.

Casanova Wong stood out as Chan Wah Shun, combining Taekwondo kicking with Wing Chun to maximum effect when fighting against Fung Hak On's Preying Mantis kung fu in the finale.

The villains of the film such as Lee Hoi Sang's villain utilise Tit Bo Saam (Iron shirt) kung fu. The way it is demonstrated is impressive. However, what is even more impressive is how to beat it using attacks to vulnerable pressure points.

The Hong Kong Legends DVD has an interesting making of documentary with the films' stars detailing the training they undertook to get the film the way it looks. It was sourced from Fortune Star's high definition transfer.

Warriors Two is a classic kung fu masterpiece and the perfect companion to the Prodigal Son. Most recently TVB produced a 20 episode serial based on real life Wing Chun masters, Leung Jaan, Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo. It was named Real Kung Fu, starring Timmy Hung, Yuen Wah, Yuen Biao, Lau Gar Fai, Derek Kwok Jing Hung and Maggie Siu. It also comes recommended.

I rate it 9/10.

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Genre: Kung Fu / Action, Comedy
Director: Sammo HUNG Gam Bo
Cast: Sammo HUNG Gam Bo, LEUNG Ga Yan, FUNG Hak On, YEUNG Sing Ng, LAU Gar Wing, LEE Hoi Sang, YEUNG Wai, Dean SHEK Tin, Billy CHAN Wui Ngai, YUEN Biao (Biu), Casanova WONG, LAM Ching (Jing) Ying.
Reviewed by Jerome

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