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A "feel" good about life...
Dante Lam was a great director before 2004’s Heat Team. Just take a rewind back to the late 90s and early 2000s – Beast Cops, Hit Team, Jiang Hu – Triad Zone, he was the stylish yet creative director that hits the right mark. With Runaway, it seems that Dante Lam is trying to depart the harshness or satirical directing, with a lighter hearted manner movie in this one and the good news is – it is damn fun to watch. The movie may seem to some as rather plotless, all over the place and may even leave some viewers thinking – what have I just seen. Surely, having those feelings about this movie is perfectly normal, as this movie works because of its realism of the characters and its main ongoing theme about the “feel” of life.

Perhaps, it is the characters that made this movie work so well, despite almost next to nothing is going on. The performance of Nick Cheung is immensely likable and his character ponders into change throughout as he questions finally about what the hell is friendship and what he is taking for granted for life. Anya plays a mute assassin role, which she fits perfectly and will reprise the role again in Naked Weapon. She is beautiful and director Lam makes use of her as scenery is one of brilliance when comparing it to the erotic backdrop of Thailand. However it is Anthony Wong and Ruby Wong that steal the show and their different outlook on life make them a contradicting perfect mismatch.

All in all, what made Runaway a truly successful movie, is that Dante leaves almost no plot holes uncovered and the meaning of “feel” about life will not be the same once you take a look at this flick. After-all, how can one describe a feeling of life? It is almost impossible to know the “real” feeling, unless you experience it yourself. What is it that we should treasure in life? What make one’s life more special? Perhaps, one requires a never death experience before they truly know what they want and desire in life is already right next to you. Then again perhaps not… but it is exactly the tie up of all these natural humanity events that make Runaway a perfect “feel” good about life movie.

I rate it 9/10

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Genre: Triad Drama Comedy
Director: Dante Lam
Cast: Anthony Wong | Nick Cheung | Ruby Wong
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), August 2005