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TWINS first movie 2gether!
This movie was the first to headline both members of the insanely popular Canto-pop duo TWINS. Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. It's a slight and breezy look at the lives of two high school graduates and their first romances. Basically, yeah, it's a fluffy little Rom-Com aimed at 12 year old girls and as such you'd expect it to be not great right? WRONG! With a director who knows the genre very well, Joe Ma (Diva ah Hey, Sound of Colours) the movie swims along harmlessly and efficiently and personally I found it to be cute, touching and generally full of that feel good factor that the Twins themselves, give out in their records.

The story begins with Kiki (Charlene) and Kammy (Gillian) encountering two possible candidates for romance. Kiki meets basketball player Fung (Tsui Ti Yau) while Kammy meets a less obvious choice in Danny (Dave Wong). A 40 year old guy who doesn't even know how to send a message on his mobile phone. The plot gets a little more complicated when Kiki discovers that Fung may not be the perfect catch she had previously thought when she sees him using the same tricks he used on her to woo other girls. Gasp!!! Kammy's romance doesn't seem likely to work either when Danny shows that he's not entirely comfortable with a girl half his age. Shock!!!

It may seem so far that I disliked this movie. That simply isn't true. It's just that it's a slight and breezy film not to be taken too seriously. The performances by all are fine and in the case of the Twins even sweet and winning. Gillian's half of the story doesn't quite work as well as Charlene's but that's a minor problem. Joe Ma's direction is nice...special little scenes like a hopeful guy asking Kiki out are made quite funny when she turns him down and you can hear little gunshot sounds in the background. Like his hope are literally being shot down!!! (Made me laugh anyway)

Though it wont win any awards, and the characters end exactly where they started. (But isn't that like life...?...things rarely happen over night!) this is a decent little movie for if you feel low on a rainy day. Pop this film in and you can almost feel the 'summer breeze of love'.

I rate it 6/10

Neo Comments: From what I remember which will be dating back to around 2 years ago when I watched this TWINS movie. It was the first movie that I saw Twins and it was back when I wasn't even a Twins fan. The movie overall was a nice introduction to Twins who were really cute back then, but Dave Wong is indeed too old for Gillian and lacking chemistry. Overall, I am probably wrong as I haven't seen this for a while, so ignore me and read Seraph!

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Product Title : Summer Breeze of Love
Artist Name(s) : |Charlene Choi| Gillian Chung| Dave Wong
Language : Cantonese | Mandarin
Duration : 108 minutes
Reviewed by Seraph (Paul) - September 2004