Let’s Eat 開飯啦! (2016) – Malaysia / Singapore

Let’s Eat 開飯啦! (2016) – Malaysia / Singapore

Reviewed by: Andrew Chan
Director: Chapman To
Writers: Chapman To
Stars: Chapman To, Aimee Chan, Hoi-Pang Lo


Veteran Hong Kong comedian Chapman To makes his directing debut in this Malaysian and Singaporean production. This is a fun and well meaning film about the importance of getting the basics right, balancing tradition and innovation and the art of cooking begins with the quality of the ingredients. Like life, we are all born great and good, it’s the fact that society shape us to be this and that. Aimee Chan does well as the modern juxtaposition to Chapman To’s old fashioned cook who strives to maintain years of tradition despite the restaurant not making a profit. Malaysian Daphne Low catches the eye in her supporting role. Other stars appear for cameos with Fiona Sit and Lo Hoi Pang. All in all, with its limitations and budget, this CNY comedy is probably more fun that it should be. Decent start as a director for Chapman To.

I rate it 3 out of 5.

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