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New cinema release, 29+1 (2017) is very much stays true to its original 2005 local play production. Directed by the original local playwright Kearen Pang, the film have plenty of beautiful and touching moments that plays scene by scene. The acting is top notched as Chrissie Chau continues to impress as the woman reaching 30 where everything seems to fall apart around her. Life, relationships, work and meaning of life. Joyce Cheng shines as the happy go lucky girl that roams around the world without wanting to grow up. However, Cheng manages to emote, relate and ended up being the central point of the story. The real flaw of this film is in its story, it lacks a coherent thematic format. Whilst it may work perfectly in a staged production due to the limitation of its art, the film medium requires a more holistic view of events. Still, this is a film that manages to hit right at home to the current reviewer. The scene where Chau collapsed to the fall and all the events that proceed it, is certainty real and vividly depicted. Starting afresh and having a different outlook in life are key fundamental themes and 29+1 delivers on the message with a few rounding tears to boot.

I rated it 3/5

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