What The Health (2017) – USA

[NeoFilmShop.com] What The Health (2017) – USA

Produced by Netflix, What the Health is an entertaining and involving documentary that talks about the links between vegan, GMOs, Meat Industry and health. I am not saying that the film is scientifically accurate as it tends to skip many technical details in the route to cure cancer, health issues, heart problems and diabetes through promoting going vegan. However, the manner the film goes from point to point is fast paced enough to be both informative and entertaining. At the end of the day, we don’t go into these film searching for universal truths, but rather opening up our questioning minds to think for ourselves. After all, the health is ours and it is up to us to improve our own quality of life.

Putting the obvious bias aside on the meat industry, it is undoubtedly that the big meat corporation need to care more for the environment and their surroundings. Feeding rotten pigs and cocktail of antibodies to the pigs that eventually we will all end up on our plates for dinner is not acceptable, nor is the cause of spreading different diseases acceptable. Government regulators need to tighten the screws on these areas and impose heavy fines, even if these corporations whether meat or medical industry are paying them a lot of money to keep quite. The sad reality remains and the greedy will be more greedy and the real suffers at the end of the circle will be all of us. If there is one thing to take from this film, is that we do have a choice, one way or another.

I rated it 3/5

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