Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Reviews of all 15 short films) – Hong Kong (2014)

My reviews from the Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music)
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Review by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA FIPRESCI
Review Date: 6th March 2013

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太空虛 Empty Space

This is an uninspiring and unoriginal segment, where the 7 minutes running time feels far too long. It makes the elementary mistake of trying to say too much with too little substance. The use of black and white makes it rather pretentious and not to mention the stoic and boring acting of the lead Terry Zou. Director and writer Lo Wai Lun even attempts to apt the “In Time”‘s barcode. Please stop. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 2/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-1/

隻眼開 Eye Open

This is a dark and quitely acted out segment about a tormented and muted young man (played by Dickson Chan) who is abused by his brother / kidnapper (Kitson). In both parts of the film, Kimmi Tsim comes out as the saviour. However, other than both brothers having mental illness, nothing really explains their action. Decent effort from director Wong Hin Yeung and nice shots from Fuk and Yam. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 6.5/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-2/


Rainky Wai recently performed exceptionally well in the coming of age youth drama “May We Chat” takes both the roles of human version Doremon and girl version of Nobita Nobi. This is a cute little story and while the over the top performance seems a bit overbearing. As a whole, it works, because we have all grown up to know that Nobita Nobi is both annoying and demanding. Wai adds in with her hit song as the film finishes. Nice touches. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 6.75/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-3/

拯救者 Saviors

This is an entertaining segment about triads, killings, revenge and love. The action sequences are quite well shot and the production set and design are well captured. I especially enjoyed the female lead heroine performance and the few kicks and knifes throwing are well choreographed. Nice little ending with random luck coming into the picture. Some overhead shots reminiscing the 90s numerous triad films. Good entertainment value. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 7/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-4/

Hong Konger

I enjoyed this episode in particular as it emphasise about how difficult it to meet random people or even people in general in the city of Hong Kong. People do not talk to one another any more. What’s delightful about this film is that it goes about its business in a rather straight forward manner, presenting both sides of the story. Well made film, with something to say and not shy about it. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 7.25/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-5/


Interesting short about breaking up and not breaking up. Fred Cheung is a charismatic lead as he charm his way through this role of a break up specialist who is at odds with himself when faced with his own girlfriend. Interesting film with surprisingly fun undertones which finishes without a dull moment. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 7.5/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-6/


Smart way to promote a film with traditional style Hong Kong opening. It reminds us the importance of human touch. Although the film premises and the whole story is a bit ridiculous, but fun can be had. The much missed Tin Kai-Man is funny as the cafe boss and my friend Joe Fiorello attempts to speak Cantonese in a cameo. All in all, an average short with some good ideas, but empty. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 6/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-7/


I think I have used a different word to describe each film so far and this is clearly a sweet one. Tales of young love getting stopped for whatever reason and reunited at a later date are done to death, but somehow, this journey is sweet enough to conquer that. Adding to the positives is a radiating chemistry between two young leads (Angela Hui). (Neo 2014)

I rated it 7.5/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-8/


This is a well-meaning short that emphasise about the importance of feeling, hearing and choices in life. The world may impose censorship or whatever, but in face of adversity lies choice and freedom. This short does well in showing these issues and suggests a beginning, but falls short in expressing a further and deeper truth. At the end of the day, it is a well-meaning film that is just not quite there yet. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 6.25/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-9/

難忘我 Please Forget Me

This film is all over the place with an attempt to fit horror, thriller, love, breaking up, obsessive love and love sucks all in one short 7 minutes. In other words it feels padded up. What’s started off well in a horror / thriller opening turned into a cheesy Patrick Kong’s love sucks commentary. I almost forgot, the film even manages to come up with something about drug abuse and suicides. Okay, that’s too much for my head already. My bad. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 4/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-10/


This is an interesting melodrama about a full cycle of a relationship from start to finish detailed in a walk around the park with a wonderful soft jazz score. The only issue here, is that everything seems so dark and mystery and while it works to certain degree, the short tends to drag out in the middle parts. Still, a more than decent effort and the two leads does well. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 6.5/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-11/


Now we are onto an inspiring film about dreams, dancing and support. For all dreamers these three things are vital. The problem with this film, it feels like a promo, rather than any substance. the only good thing is the dance moves by TVB’s Det Dik and the rest is just corny. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 4/10 (for the moves)

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-12/

狩獵都市 Hunting City

Interesting crime/love thriller with a some degree of potential, but amateurishly shot. Another issue is the poor acting of the male lead (Sean Pang) actor who runs and roam around without any emotions or presence. Unexpected twist at the end attempts to round things up. While Kaman Kong flairs better. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 5/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-13/


Regen Cheung stars in this film about memories and going through the many doors and recovering them. The film is well-shot combines well with a fitting soundtrack. A matured effort from director Joshua Wong showing through all these emotions from past to the future. Harry Du Young cameo deserves a laugh. Perhaps the only weak link in the film comes from the male lead Jame Tobin, whose one-note performance does not help. Otherwise, a nice little film. (Neo 2014)

I rated it 8/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-14/

Sound of Music

Finishing the list with a hear warming family drama, about two sons discovering their dad’s slowly losing his hearing. This is the type of film that warms the heart without nothing really happening. Nice combo in music, family and old age. Not entirely successful, but not bad. The old man did a good job in the acting mix. (Neo 2014)

I rate it 7/10

Short Film at: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/microfilm-15/

Full list of films: http://www.microfilm-music.hk/voting/

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