Weeds on Fire 點五步 (2016) – Hong Kong

Weeds on Fire 點五步 (2016) – Hong Kong

Reviewed by: Andrew Chan
Director Chan Chi Fat
Cast Liu Kai Chi, Lam Yiu Sing, Wu Tsz Tung

weed on fire

Inspiring, never give up and uniquely Hong Kong are simple words to describe one of the year’s best local film. Putting political agenda aside, the film at its core it’s about humanity, a social condition, a golden era and ultimately the triumph and hope of youth and spirit. Shatin Martins may not be known or remembered, but after this wondrous heck of a great film, it’s unlikely to be forgotten. Headlined by the always wonderful Liu Kai Chi as the head master of a bad school, he managed to find ways to change the future of the unprivileged kids through establishing baseball team. Most of the actors were not professionals or making their debut, but the team chemistry, reality and change situations that they faced, made then especially human. Growing up is never easy and it’s a process we all go through one way or another, but this film goes beyond the normal boundaries by interlinking many aspects that truly relates to the people of Hong Kong, our future, hope and what we can achieve if we truly believe in ourselves. At the end of the film, one cannot stop and wonder by reflecting our own choices, dreams and reality and hopefully inspiring us to take that extra step and not be afraid. After all, it’s our life and that’s alone worth living for. The Hong Kong Film Awards awaits.

I rate it 5 out of 5.

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