Altitude (2017) – USA

[] Altitude (2017) – USA

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For those thinking that this is a typical Dolph Lundgren action affair will be left disappointed as he is largely stuck in the cockpit in the motion of playing flight simulator, yelling with his mouth and not his fists. In fact, his only notable punch comes at the end of the film. With that being said, this is really a starring vehicle for the whining star power of Denise Edwards, whose formerly shining brightly in the 90s scene including being the Bond girl in The World is Not Enough. The result is a low budget affair shot entirely within the aircraft with some questionably poor CGI special effects. Greer Grammer does well in the bad girl mode and Chuck Liddell appears in a short cameo as one of the many baddies. The film is poorly lit in most areas apart from the passenger area and most fight scenes are poorly shot and edited out to the point of zero realism. The worst part is most likely any explosion or people falling of the plane as those remains the most laughable scenes. Films like these, we usually try to justify its running time by being so bad it is funny, unfortunately this film is just plain bad.
I rated it 1.5/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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