Our Time Will Come 明月幾時有 (2017) – Hong Kong

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Director Ann Hui continues to create wonderful movies based on true historical events. Our Time Will Come is suitably heartwarming, affecting and through provoking about a difficult period in Hong Kong under Japanese occupation. Instead of just showing the course of events, Hui as usual focuses on her characters, the situations and allows them to play it out. Flaring the best, once again, is Deanne Ip who plays Zhou Xun’s mother who is caught between the dilemma of her daughter joining the rebel forces and her own view of the circumstances. Right until the final moments, Ip simply shines and there is not a single moment of overacting, when a lesser actress would have done so. Still, the core characters are played adequately by Zhou Xun and Eddie Peng. Xun as always easily step into the tough interior soft exterior role, while Peng’s youthful righteousness and direct shootings keep us on our toes.
The real winner of the this film, lies in crafting the touching story that allows to the characters to react to the circumstances where nothing seem forced. This is the style that Ann Hui have managed to keep all these years and the prime reason of her many successes. The characters feel and emote like humans, and they aren’t heroes as they are simply fighting for what they believe in and there are motives, personal or not. Films like these are hard to come by and in creating Our Time Will Come, Hui manages to exceed herself, lighten up a little despite of the obvious melodramatic of the subject matter. In the hands of a lesser director, the film will easily gone the overtly melodramatic route, but with Hui, we get something that slowing burns away, lingers in our hearts and remains in our mind. That’s just beautiful.
I rated it 4.5/5

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